Ontario’s cosmetic pesticides ban took effect on Earth Day


Ontario, Ministry of the Environment, Press Release:

The ban protects Ontario families and children from the unnecessary risks of cosmetic pesticides by only allowing the use of certain lower-risk pesticides for controlling weeds and pests in lawns and gardens.

The ban prohibits the sale and use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes on lawns, gardens, parks and school yards, and includes many herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Over 250 products will be banned for sale and more than 80 pesticide ingredients will be banned for cosmetic uses.

There are exceptions for public health or safety reasons such as fighting West Nile Virus, killing stinging insects like wasps, or controlling poison ivy and other plants poisonous to the touch. Other exceptions include agriculture and forestry.

The ban takes the place of existing municipal pesticide bylaws, establishing one clear set of easy-to-understand rules, and providing certainty for businesses operating in different areas of the province.

John Gerretsen, Minister of the Environment:
„We have fulfilled our commitment to ban the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides in Ontario. I’m proud to say that, when the ban takes effect on Earth Day, we will have eliminated this unnecessary risk to our environment, our families, and especially our children.“

Ontario’s pesticide rules are outlined in the Pesticides Act and Ontario Regulation 63/09.
According to the Organic Landscape Alliance, chemical-dependent lawns are highly susceptible to pests and diseases, whereas a healthy lawn can survive several weeks in a dormant state, is less likely to be damaged by pests and is less affected by drought, temperature extremes and general wear and tear.

What are the regulatory requirements for retailers, the landscape industry and others?  What are the rules for public health or safety, agriculture, forestry and golf courses?
Get some tips on caring for lawns and gardens without the use of harsh chemicals at the Ministry of the Environment’s web site above.

Ontario, Ministry of the Environment, Press Release, 250+ PESTICIDES BANNED FOR COSMETIC USES, March 4, 2009

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