Mounting actions against environmental medicine practitioners


Lately the prominent case of Prof. Rea in Dallas, who has been investigated by the Texas medical board, has drawn significant national and international public attention Dr. Rea has been the first physician worldwide to have been awarded the title of a professor of environmental medicine, by the University of Surrey, England. According to him in the USA „there is currently an organized nation-wide effort to destroy the specialty of Environmental Medicine and to eliminate from practice physicians who diagnose and treat patients suffering from chemical sensitivities“.

Unfortunately, similar activities are observed in Germany

Dr. Peter Binz, a internationally renowned neurologist practicing in the German City of Trier, is paying dearly for diagnosing his patients with toxic injury for many years:
It happened more than two years ago on June 4, 2006: Agents of the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Trier searched the home and the practice of Dr. Peter Binz without advance notice or leaving him a chance to object or discuss the reason for this raid. Dr. Binz had been accused of fraudulent billing by the local Doctors Association (Kassenärztliche Vereinigung = KV). The agents of the Public Prosecutor’s Office seized all of his patients‘ files beginning with the year 2000. The archives in the basement had been sealed. The Doctors Association, which is specifically responsible for collecting the money owed to physicians from the German National Healthcare System on behalf of the doctors, suspended all payments to Dr. Binz until November 8, 2006. His home, in which he is living with his family, had been seized to cover an alleged claim of 183,966.19 Euros.

A Doctor for the workers

According to statements from Dr. Binz’s tax-adviser, Gerhard Eppler, the revenue of his practice is lower and his expenses are higher than those of the average comparable practices. His income is about 50,000 Euros lower than the average. He prescribes 1/3 less drugs than the average neurologist. And his revenue per patient is lower than average. He didn’t charge for medical certificates. Because his wife was working as a teacher, she has helped to provide the funds necessary to support his family -including 5 Children (of which 4 are adopted).

On January 9, 2007, his appeal was rejected. It followed the interrogation of all his medical assistants, a psychologist he had hired for his practice, etc. Dr. Binz himself was not heard at all.

600 severely sick patients are scheduled for questioning

Recently, in June 2008, the police started to interrogate his patients all over Germany. According to reports, 600 severely sick patients are scheduled for questioning. They are sometimes asked to remember and to provide detailed testimony about visits to his practice they made 5 years ago.
It has become known from interrogated patients that the police usually declared that their investigation is about charges of fraud. In Trier a patient was specifically asked to talk to a tape recorder. He did then ask for a written protocol to be signed by him, which he was denied by the interrogator. Subsequently the interviewee refused to provide testimony.

Comments from the police were:

A day has only 24 hours, so Dr. Binz cannot work more than 24 hours per day. Their alleged claim obviously is intended to be construed from the files with additional support from patient interviews. As it seems the files aren’t sufficiently supportive. The police in Boppard stated that Dr. Binz must have worked 26 hours a day, while the Police in Bonn mentioned 24 hours.

According to Mrs. Binz there are only very few mandatory time data in the items which neurologists are permitted to charge for. Of relevance for Dr. Binz‘ practice is only No. 823 (30min interview with the patient).

In the town of Merzig a police inspector visited a patient to arrange a date for a summoning. She was appalled about what she was told about Dr. Binz and declared she could only report positive experiences with him. Whereupon she was told that in this case, she doesn’t have to come to the summoning.

In Dresden the police surprised a severely sick patient with information that made her doctor look like a felon. Up until July 25, 2008, 75 patients, who had been asked for an interrogation, notified Dr. Binz.

Dr. Binz has been lobbied against and bullied for a long time

At first it was enterprises, then Public Health Insurance, because he insisted on diagnostic evidence for the toxic injury of workers, which is more expensive in the short term than drugging them. Later the Doctors Association (DA) joined in. In 1996 there had been a first meeting of a complaints board of the DA with the threat that he (Dr. Binz) has to pay for non-IgE mediator release tests himself. Further, the validity of psychometric tests of patients with toxic injury had been questioned and payments for PET-scans of the brain rejected.

Toxic injuries and consequences

He diagnosed toxic injuries in workers of Romika and other shoe manufacturers, Kalle, Michelin, Agrob, V+B, Pegulan, Kuag, Fanck, Mosel-Stahl-Werke (=Steel Works) , carpenter’s shops, car repair shops, metal workshops, gas stations, swimming pools, hospitals, butcher’s shops, dry cleaners, market gardens, vineyards and many other workplaces.

In 1989 Dr. Binz won a lawsuit against the shoe manufacturer Romika in the first instance in Trier and in the second instance in Koblenz, which had poisoned some of their workers.

In 1993 a disciplinary action had been agreed upon because he felt called upon to „pursue comprehensive investigations about the causes of certain disease syndromes“. The disciplinary action had been cancelled but a reason for this was never stated. Mr. Spaetgens, a lawyer, just declared „it could have been“.

1996 Dr. Binz had been subjected to accusations from the part of the German Berufsgenossenschaften (= BG, compulsory insurance for work related damages to workers paid for by employers).

In 1997 an action had been brought before the Court of the Medical Profession (a special court of the Doctors‘ Association concerned with professional conduct) at the Administration Court in Mainz by the state section of the Doctors Association.

In 1997 he was prohibited to counsel his patients in matters of German social law.

1998 there had been a new action before the Court of the Medical Profession, filed by the Doctors Association.

In 1999 the Doctors Association repeated its action to have Dr. Binz’s license suspended. This was tried on accusations of false treatment and neglect of duty.

In 2000 the Court for the Medical Professions decided to discontinue the lawsuit.

Dr. Binz continued to help those who had been made sick at work by chemicals
In spite of all these indignities and an abundance of written vilifications by the Doctors Association, Dr. Binz stayed with his convictions. He continued to help those who had been made sick at work by chemicals. Since the suspension of his license didn’t work, the DA resorted to more radical means. The package of the charges mentioned at the beginning contained a lot of documents from the aforementioned actions. His license for the German public insurance system was always important to Dr. Binz, because most of his patients became sick on the job and cannot afford to pay for his services by other means.

The lists of the dead would be shorter, if anyone would have taken action on behalf of them

Though Dr. Binz treats a lot of patients who had been damaged at work he doesn’t view himself as working against industry as such, just against enterprises without adequate job safety – measures. Workers have lost their health and quality of life and many are dying. Dr. Binz had to notify health insurers, disability insurers (BG), the ministry of health and the Public Prosecutor’s Office of these cases because he was legally obliged to do so as a physician. The lists of the dead would be shorter, if anyone would have taken action on behalf of them. Dr. Binz has five folders with copies of those case-histories of sick workers, which he had reported to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. Only once he did he obtained a receipt from their office, which is obligatory according to German Federal Law.

Cases of death continue to accrue

On the occasion of the raid in June 2006, the State Attorney in charge rejected to seize at least two of these folders. In the meantime the cases of severely injured people and cases of death continue to accrue. The last two years Dr. Binz has been systematically deprived of his quality of life. It has been tried to intimidate him, but he carries on. There continue to be reports about toxic injury going to the Public Attorney’s Office because that’s the law.

In November 2007 Dr. Binz received the Civil Courage Award of the Solbach- Freise Stiftung (Foundation) in Bodenwerder near Hameln.

Support is needed

Dr. Binz has the support of his patients. He was co-initiator of many support groups. He has received a lot of backup from support groups, non-governmental organizations, prominent scientists, and environmental physicians from Germany and abroad. More is needed given the continuing actions and would be welcome.

If you would like to add your solidarity and support you may send an email to „CSN-Chemical Sensitivity Network“ or use the blog function to write a comment. (If you need assistance to sign in just let us know)

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  1. Prof. Dr. Doris Rapp 4. August 2008 um 17:18

    To Whom It May Concern

    Every once in a while one meets a physician who is so outstanding and dedicated you wish all other doctors had his admirable attributes. Dr. Binz is one such man. He amazingly figured out why the people and country he loves are in danger. He knows why and knows what to do and those who disagree are trying to nullify this courageous medical messenger and savior..What a pity.

    I visited this man and was truly very positively impressed. What a shame he is not receiving a national and local award for being exactly what a true physician and healer should be.


    Doris J Rapp MD, FAAA, FAAP, FAEM
    Clinical Asst, Professor emeritus in Pediatrics at SUNYAB
    Board certified in pediatrics, allergy and environmental medicine…

  2. Lawrence Plumlee 4. August 2008 um 18:27

    I am proud to know Dr. Binz and some of his patients, having visited his office in 2006. I find him to be a physician of great integrity whose integrity is immune to pressures from vested economic interests. Neither the companies which have poisoned his patients, nor the companies which advocate inappropriate pharmaceutical treatments of his patients, have been able to get him to lie. Dr. Binz is committed to finding out the truth about his patients, and to managing their illnesses according to the best scientific standards. He can often recognize the toxic causes of illnesses when other doctors have merely described the symptoms with meaningless psychiatric diagnoses that fail to specify the chemical causes of their symptoms. The persecution of this great physician is a shame to the government officials who have interfered with his valuable work.

    Lawrence A. Plumlee, M.D.
    Bethesda, Maryland, USA
    President, Chemical Sensitivity Disorders Association

  3. Astrid 4. August 2008 um 18:52

    Dear Dr. Binz,

    Some years ago I read „The doctor’s plague – Germs, Childbed Fever an the Strange Story of Ignac Semmelweis“, the biography of the Hungarian gynaecologist Ignac Semmelweis. In the middle of the 19th century, working in a general hospital, Semmelweis found out why so many women died from childbed fever after giving birth to their children in a hospital.

    He had found out something outrageous: The doctors themselves infected the women. Simply by thoroughly watching the women in the hospital he noticed it was lack of hygiene that brought a cruel death to the young mothers. Dedicated to safe the life of the mothers, he worked out hygiene strategies.

    And everyone worked against him. His colleagues better liked keeping their old, unscientific theories about childbed fever than accept the success of Semmelweis and safe lives, too. Nobody took the hygiene-pioneer for serious: The other doctors finally made him a psychiatric patient instead.

    See, Doctor Binz, history will bring the truth up. This was the case with Ignac Semmelweis an will be the same with you.

    With the best wishes,

    Yours, Astrid

  4. S. Fischer 5. August 2008 um 08:23

    Until 1992 my wife Ellen and I did not have a need for Dr. Binz or any other physician in the USA , Europe, or Japan, except for socalled cancer-precaution checkups. This had changed dramatically in 1992, after we were knocked-out by neurotoxic agents from pesticide spray emissions in a Florida home, where pestcontrollers were doing mandatory indoor and outdoor spraying with Dursban/ Chlorpyrifos, Permethrine, cypermethrine and piperonilbutoxyd every month of the year from 1989-1992, when we subsequently were forced to go through a medical and legal ordeal , which has not ended up to this date of writing, because the German National Healthcare System does not accept or recognize the consequences of toxic injury and secondary symptoms of same.The Bureau of Health in Duesseldorf /Germany diagnosed us as suffering from mental and psychosomatic disease, despite the fact that reputable medical facilities on three continents diagnosed us with having severe damages on all organ sytems from organophophates, which were confirmed by a Decree of a Duesseldorf /Germany Dictrict Court, Appeals Court of Duesseldorf, the Social Appeals Court in Essen/Germany and the Supreme Court of Germany in Karlsruhe could not find any errors in the verdicts of the previous instances at the end of 2007 either. Dr. Binz has always been and still is in diagnostic conformity with the findings of the courts at caption and his colleagues in the US, Japan and Germany. His diagnosis in 1994 has always been medically and scientifically precise and sound, which is why he is in our opinion still the best hated physician from the part of the German National Healthcare System. The sofar complex worldwide response, in reference to the haunting and character- assassination of Dr. Binz, seems to contradict the opinion of the German National Health Care System.

    Ellen-R.& Fred Fischer

  5. JAMES D. VOITA 5. August 2008 um 10:18

    First do no harm. The attack on MCS Doctors is completely funded by the chemical industry.

    We all must support them

    Medical Technologists from Minnesota

  6. Stephanie Stoneleigh 5. August 2008 um 16:52

    It is Great Folly to persecute such a one as Dr. Binz. We are already beginning to see Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in young children. The disease spares no one ! This is a WARNING to ALL of us – a warning to stop and think – a warning to Change Course now in our thinking. Those with Chemical Sensitivities at the present time are just the „leading edge“ of a mighty Tsunami that will engulf many in just a few years. I say Tsunami because the word describes perfectly what is happening. A Tsunami cannot be stopped – only avoided – in order for human life to be spared.

    One day it may be You – or your Spouse – or your child – or your grandchild who needs a doctor like Dr. Binz.

    Stephanie Stoneleigh

  7. Linda Nolan-Leeming 6. August 2008 um 21:09

    To Whom It May Concern,

    The EHAO would like to express its support for Dr. Binz and other Environmental Health Practitioners who diagnose and treat patients with Environmental Sensitivities, Multiple Chemical Sensitivites, etc. In Canada, this condition is recognized as a legal disability by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

    1. ES is a disease caused by toxic injury on the one hand and detoxification deficiency on the other. Exposure to toxic chemicals (e.g. pesticides, solvents, paints, carbon emmissions, mycotixins, plastizers, flame retardants) in some individuals who are physically incapable of detoxifying these chemicals results in neurotoxicity and inflammation,
    immune system damage and endocrine disruption. These in turn create extreme chemical hypersensitivity, and open the door to multi-organ system illnesses,
    common among which are respiratory illnesses, vasculitis, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome (with viral infections), gastro-intestinal and genito-urinary disorders, fibromyalgia and arthritis, and chronic bacterial and fungal infections.

    2. While ES, like other diseases, appears in some individuals to be a result of a genetic lack of detoxification capacities meeting a chemical overload, a severe enough chemical exposure can induce this illness in any person, at any stage of life. Everyone is at risk for ES.

    3. ES at early stages or in a mild form presents with symptoms that range from nuisance to considerable discomfort. However, if not treated, or if the initial exposure is severe enough, symptoms can, and do become illness-producing, financially disabling and life-threatening. Hence, ES is a very serious disease that requires an array of appropriate medical, social and financial supports in the same way as other diseases and disabilities do.

    4. Safe and generally effective treatment of ES capable of stopping further deterioration and in many cases restoring high degrees of well-being and functioning is known and accepted by knowledgeable clinicians. It consists of two broad dimensions:

    a. A safe home environment, chemically clean and with special features where the damaged and toxic systems can rest and recover – this is a precondition to improvement;
    b. An established and proven array of treatments to detoxify the body and support damaged organs and functions, applied case by case as appropriate.

    5. ES has been recognized as a disability by the Canadian Human Rights Commmission (2007), the Canada Pension Plan (CPP – 1998), Worker’s Compensation Boards in Nova Scotia and Ontario. It has been incorporated in curriculum by the American Medical Association; The Ontario College of Family Physicians. Health Canada has sponsored two workshops (1990 and 1992) on MCS. The Ontario Ministry of Health published the ‚Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Environmental Hypersensitivity Disorders ‚ which provided the first definition in Canada. The Ministry funds medical research projects on ES. In 1994 it provided $1.5 million for the creation of the Environmental Health Clinic at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto; this clinic collaborates with medical research projects at the University of Toronto. In short, ES is known and understood as an illness of toxic injury and as a disability.

    6. The classification of ES as psychogenic in causation and psychiatric in treatment is wrong and causes many forms of harm to ES patients. Whatever neurological effects ES has – and however they may manifest in apparently psychiatric problems such as depression, anxiety, disorientation, or in difficulties in cognition, memory and executive function in specific individuals – the causation of ES is physiological: toxic injury, detoxification insufficiency. Hence the treatment for ES must address these two fundamental causes. While some unknown proportion of ES sufferers benefit from anti-depressants and tranquilizers, others find these drugs toxic and harmful because they are not able to metabolize them. In either case, we consider such a psychiatric causation classification to be a form of medical malpractice.

    Linda Nolan-Leeming,
    President, EHAO
    Environmental Health Assoc of Ontario
    tel 613-290-3969, fax 613-6924603

  8. Iris Thorogood 7. August 2008 um 22:32

    I support Dr. Peter Binz in his efforts to diagnose and treat patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

    The chemical manufacturers will simply have to face up to the fact that their products are killing the earth on which we all live. Perfume manufacturers have to do likewise, instead of putting a new one on the market every day.

    Iris Edna Thorogood, B.Sc., M.D.C.M.
    Ottawa Environmental Health Clinic….Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

  9. 9. August 2008 um 08:27

    Doris J. Rapp, MD reveals a major fault with our current healthcare system when she writes „What a shame he is not receiving a national and local award for being exactly what a true physician and healer should be.“

    We’ve got it backwards. Insurance companies pay mostly for treatments that keep patients sick and dependent on medical care for years and sometimes lifetimes. Physicians that provide treatments that actually work but are considered alternative are not only unsupported by the majority of their colleagues but are vilified and put on trial. We support chemical companies and big business over the health of our people, wildlife, and planet.

    Will we wake up before it’s too late? voices its support of Dr. Peter Binz as a physician risking everything to treat his patients and report the truth. Our survival as a species is dependent on creating fertile ground in which physicians of his ilk can practice without fear of persecution. I urge others to stand in public support of this brave physician.

    Julie Genser
    founder and director
    Planet Thrive, Inc.

  10. Dorte Pugliese 14. August 2008 um 23:04

    I would like to express my deep gratitude to Dr. Binz. I was so lucky as to be examined by Dr. Binz and undergo a neuropsychological test by Mr. Klein 3 years ago. Dr. Binz examined me very thoroughly and had a number of relevant blood tests made. The result of the entire examination and test was all decisive for the grant of my disability pension in Denmark. Dr. Binz’ longstanding skills, yes expertise, are unique. In Denmark, no physician can match him at all. In addition, Dr. Binz is also a very warm, dedicated man, a humanist and idealist of the sort that is a dying breed.

    The accusations against him as also the methods applied are a disgrace that revive memories of German history of the previous century. However, I wonder: where are his German colleagues, where are the German politicians, where are the German journalists who could and can contribute to a termination of this disgraceful suit leading to a full “acquittal” and compensation for the unjust pain and suffering as well as for the financial losses suffered?

    Dorte Pugliese

  11. Prof.Dr.H.J.Bocker 16. August 2008 um 20:09

    During the past decade I have repeatedly been made aware of the fabulous work of Dr. Peter Binz, as a Neurologist and Philanthropist, while I worked on three continents in the capacity of a Journalist and University Professor. It has come as a shock to me, that certain authorities in Germany are intending to eliminate Dr. Binz from his professional and humanitarian efforts. I trust that the people of Germany and the rest of this world will not allow this to happen.

    Prof.Dr.H.J.Bocker, Switzerland and Canada

  12. Monika Kennel 26. August 2008 um 22:06



  13. Brigitte Bartels 27. August 2008 um 09:20

    I have learned about the outstanding work of Doctor Binz for at
    least one decade, and he is described by his European and
    Overseas patients as a hard to match physician and humanitarian.
    This is why it came as a terrible shock to me, after reading in the
    reputable media, that the German authorities are about to eliminate
    him from his invaluable work for sick people, who have no other
    way to turn for medical help in Germany.

    Brigitte Bartels, Wuppertal, Germany

  14. Beacon of Hope 2. September 2008 um 22:04


    In support of Dr. Peter Binz and all other doctors worldwide who care enough about their patients to first do no harm, to listen to us when we speak, and to become detectives in order to connect the dots between cause and effect and to rigorously review the available scientific studies and journals that support our multiple symptoms; our hats are off to you, we applaud you and say “keep up the great work”.

    Toxic Injury reached epidemic proportions decades ago. It has been, for the most part, shoved under the carpet, for the financial benefit of Industries, as have its devastating consequences. It is reported that Pharmaceutical companies spend twice the amount of money on marketing drugs than they do on actual research. Whether you know it or not, all of us, you, me, our children, carry the direct consequences of the choices our government, businesses and others make. Look around you and see what is really happening to the health of all the world’s citizenry and to our planet, and then support the doctors who take their patients toxically induced and /or exacerbated illnesses seriously and care enough to provide the very best available treatment to their patients. Those injured by environmental and consumer product toxins cannot use pharmaceutical based medical care. They must seek alternative practices; this includes many of the beneficial remedies, known for their relative safety and efficacy for treatment of specific disorders, health maintenance and disease prevention, used previous to the pharmaceutical revolution. These treatments never stopped working; they were just suppressed in favor of the more lucrative pharmaceutical industry. The specialists and care givers, who are willing to treat those with toxically induced and /or exacerbated illnesses/ injuries without “drugs” should be able to do their job without being harassed or threatened.

    Long before we were even born, THOMAS EDISON stated, “The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human body, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” . . . the future is here, it is past time to heed these words of wisdom.

    We are an often unseen (medically required isolation), misunderstood (thru ignorance); yet an enormous and rapidly growing population of disabled citizens, including children (our future leaders) as well as the men and women of our military services. While our disability may be more complex than some, this does not make our lives any less valuable, less important, nor disposable. Yet daily, we are discriminated against, abused, neglected and deprived of our rights, privileges and proper medical care because of lack of physicians trained in treating our condition.

    The prevalence of these illnesses and the lack of knowledgeable and qualified doctors, clearly warrant adequate training and continuing education in this field. We need to provide health care professionals the information they need to better identify and treat toxic injury/illness early, before disability develops. Misdiagnosis, mistreatment, and discrimination against those with toxically induced and exacerbated illness must stop

    The need to change our ideas and practices to protect all citizens, our children, our pets, our livestock, our agriculture, our industries and our environment, is imperative. No one can afford to blindly continue using consumer products that contain toxic substances or being exposed to environmental toxins. The price tag is too high, and the bill is fast coming due. The rapidly increasing numbers of those disabled by toxic injuries testify to that.

    As doctors become aware of the numerous toxic effects of many chemicals found in our everyday environment and surroundings, they need to be commended, not persecuted. There are diagnostic codes for “Toxic Injury”. It is to all our advantage to put them to use.

    Some ICD-9 Codes: 272.7 – E997.2
    V82.5 Screening for chemical poisoning and other contamination.
    349.82 Encephalopathy due to chemical toxin.
    380.22 Acute chemical otitis external.
    500-508 Pneumoconioses And Other Lung Diseases Due To External Agents
    500 Coal workers‘ pneumoconiosis
    501 Asbestosis
    502 Pneumoconiosis due to other silica or silicates
    506.4 Chronic Respiratory Conditions Due To Fumes And Vapors: {Emphysema (diffuse) (chronic)} {Obliterative bronchiolitis (chronic) (subacute)} {Pulmonary fibrosis (chronic)} due to inhalation of chemical fumes and vapors
    692.4 Contact dermatitis from chemical product.
    975 Poisoning By Agents Primarily Acting On The Smooth & Skeletal Muscles & Respiratory System
    987.6 Toxic Effect Of Chlorine Gas
    987.9 Toxic Effect Of Unspecified Gas, Fume, Or Vapor
    989.0 Toxic Effect Of Hydrocyanic Acid And Cyanides Potassium cyanide; Sodium cyanide
    989.3 Toxic Effect Of Organophosphate And Carbamate Carbaryl; Dichlorvos; Malathion; Parathion; Phorate; Phosdrin
    989.4 Toxic Effect Of Other Pesticides, NEC Mixtures of insecticides
    989.6 Toxic Effect Of Soaps And Detergent
    995.66 Anaphylactic Shock Due To Food Additives
    E997.2 Injury due to war operations by gases, fumes, and chemicals

    Injury and Poisoning (800-999)

    Sincerely, your friends in Hope & Health at the “MCS” Beacon of Hope Foundation,
    Peggy, Julia, and Jennifer

    Peggy Troiano, Founder and Program Manager:
    Largo, Florida 33771

    Julia Williams, Executive Director:
    Largo, Florida 33771

    Jennifer McKinnis, Accommodations Advocate &
    Pacific NW Regional Representative
    Hermiston, OR 97838-6812

  15. Bonita Poulin 10. Dezember 2009 um 22:33

    The continued harrassment of environmental physicians and alternative practitioners worldwide has got to be stopped! These are some of the best doctors ever and none of their patients ever complained. The same type of situation is now happening with Dr. Rae in Dallas and Dr. Kropp in Toronto, although in the latter’s case, it is for diagnosing and treating chronic lyme disease. They tried to remove Dr. Kropp’s liscence for treating MCS a few years ago but were unsuccessful. We must continue to fight these medical facists!

  16. Monique van den Broek 11. Juli 2010 um 10:47

    Since I have MCS, I support every doctor who aknowlegde the danger of chemicals. Using chemicals in almost every product human being consume, thinking it is without physical damage, is a myth.
    The chemical industry knows that. But money is more important to them than human life.
    There are milions of people worldwide who suffer from chemicals. However; they will never be quiet. For they have no choise. Their call will be louder. And louder. Louder than money.

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