The Spanish Professional Association of Naturopathy has given an honorary title to Eva Caballé for her work, courage, and dedication to face Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Because of my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I’ve been forced to live in isolation. My contact with the outside world has become exclusively virtual and time goes by in a different way.

Five years sick, three years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, two years and a half since No Fun was born, one year and a half as a contributor at the art magazine Delirio, slightly over one year since my book Desaparecida (Missing) was released and almost one year as a regular contributor at The Canary Report and as an sporadic contributor at the blog of the German MCS Association CSN – Chemical Sensitivity Network. At present, No Fun has more than 400 subscribers, it has at least 600 visits a day (these days thanks to the MCS Report on TV the visits have been triplicate), it has more than 280 posts and it has almost 2.500 comments that give an inestimable value to the blog. Desaparecida (Missing) is sold in six Spanish-speaking countries and you can find it in 17 Spanish Public and University libraries.

But paradoxically, all this seems unreal to me; a little more than numbers or statistics. Only once in a while something happens that makes me realize that what I do has a real impact on the outside world and also reaches people beyond the circle of MCS.

A few months ago Marcos Ve’lez, the president of A.P.E.N.B. (the Spanish Professional Association of Naturopathy) contacted me, and his words surprised and touched me deeply. They had been following my work for a long time, had also read my book, and wanted to give me their support because as Natural Health professionals they also defend justice in health care with less pharmaceuticals interests and a higher value for people who have lost their health.

He informed me that the Board of A.P.E.N.B. had unanimously agreed on several points, including the following:

  • They give me an Honorary Title for “my work, courage, and dedication to face Multiple Chemical Sensitivity”. The award of the diploma (in the picture) was a public event last December, but as you can imagine I wasn’t able to go to the presentation.
  • They open a section entitled Desaparecida at the Association’s website section “CAUSES”.
  • The Association promotes all my work and initiatives and they have a section for my MCS articles.
  • This is the first one: La condena de la Sensibilidad Química Múltiple
  • They link the blog No Fun in the section called “FRIENDS” on their website.
  • They include Desaparecida in the section of “RECOMMENDED BOOKS” on their website.

Obviously all this recognition is an honor to me and I appreciate very much the support of the Natural Health professionals, especially because we all are in the same struggle. To make MCS visible is very positive for two reasons: to win MCS awareness and to spread the message that is implicit in MCS: We must change the direction of our world because it’s already too late, so it is necessary to say clearly and as loud as we can that our modern lifestyle is an act of suicide that we are already paying and that we will pay for generations to come.

Thanks A.P.E.N.B., and thanks to Marcos for helping us spread this message.

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New trailer for upcoming film about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is shown at MCS conference in Spain

Two weeks ago I introduced you the first trailer for the upcoming short film Los pájaros de la mina (The Birds in a mine), the first film made in Spain about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which was very well received between MCS sufferers from all around the world.

Today I want to share with you the new and powerful trailer for the film. This new trailer had its debut last week at the MCS conference organized by ASQUIFYDE, which was held at the University of Alicante, Spain. During the three days of the conference, a lot of doctors, lawyers and other specialists talked about MCS, toxics, the situation in Spain, etc. It was really great and we could follow the presentations and discussions on the Internet.

Also presented at the conference was an Environmental Control Guide (my blog No Fun is part of it) together with my video “MCS: The importance of reducing the toxic load”, which, according to Francisca Gutierrez, president of ASQUIFYDE, made a big impression on the conference attendees (medical students, press and other people related with environmental health).

For the closure of the conference, the new trailer was shown. The scriptwriter and lead actress in the film, Mariam Felipe, was there to explain the project and about how the idea for the film was sparked because of my interview on Carne Cruda (Raw Meat) one year ago. And then they showed this amazing new trailer.

The premiere of the film will be December 10th at the Teatro Principal de Pontevedra.

According to the filmmaker, Víctor Moreno, they will make a version with English subtitles, and, thanks to Silvia K. Müller, president of CSN, another version with German subtitles will be made, too.

I’m sure that this film will win a lot of awards!!

Author: Eva Caballé, No Fun Blog, November 10, 2010

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Film about Chemical Sensitivity: THE BIRDS OF THE MINE – LOS PAJAROS DE LA MINA

On November 2009 I was interviewed on Carne Cruda, Spanish radio program, to talk about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and one of the listeners of the program, the videographer Víctor Moreno, was so impressed that he quickly contacted me to say that he wanted to make a short film about MCS to help us to raise awareness of this terrible disease and he asked my opinion and if I wanted to collaborate with them. Obviously I told him that they could count on me for what they wanted.

On March they began filming “The birds of the mine”, the first short film about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Spain, and now we can finally present the trailer and announce that its debut will be next December. When this project began, I had the honor of reading the script, because they wanted my opinion, and then I saw some scenes of the shoot and I can assure you that is very, very impressive, as you can deduce from the trailer.

Autor: Eva Caballé, No Fun, Oct. 25, 2010

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And in this decaying world, the worst is to be spineless and to have no personality. It is a world full of people who complain and who live grey and empty existences. People who do not have the courage to resist, to have their own thoughts and get dragged by the crowd. It is hard to live in this herd if you are not like them, if you know what you think, if you are not scared to say what you think, and if you do not care about not being accepted by others. Then you don’t fit in, you are different, you are radical.

But an ill person cannot be like that. You have to be well-behaved, let yourself be brain-washed and follow the established road wearing a mask without thinking. If you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, an illness that is not recognized, you fight to survive. But don’t make too much noise and just follow others. Don’t think, don’t do. You are sick. Behave as such. You have to be obedient and ask for permission so that you will not be thrown out of the herd, a herd for which others kill themselves to be a part of.

And in the ignorance that surrounds us, the seven capital sins are more relevant than ever, in these times when there seems to be a theory for just about everything. In these times of the decaying Welfare State.

With the senses numbed, SEX becomes another frustration in an empty life in which to drag him or herself day after day without stopping to think.

It is a life with the frustration that becomes an unsatisfied HUNGER. Eat until you burst. That anxiety which impedes one from reacting and keeps one squashed under a mountain of human feed. The perverted pleasure in an overfed society.

An emptiness that invades us and a growing hate which turns into anger against all that does not suit us under childish and ridiculous excuses. INTOLERANCE becomes violence against those who are not like us, perhaps because those who think scare us.

Without being conscious of our lives, the days go by while we look at our pockets to see if we are better than others. We COMPETE in a silly race to show our success. We pretend we are happy. Inside, we are empty.

Life is a parenthesis of fear and of superficial comfort waiting for things to change WITHOUT MAKING AN EFFORT, sucked in by a system that wants us not to think.

We are dragged by laziness. We hate those who we think are better than us. They remind us of our not wanting to make an effort. We waste our lives wishing that they would stumble while we CRITIZICE their successes and, without knowing it, we wish they were as mediocre as us.

A cheap plastic beauty poisons us, one that makes us feel better for a moment in which we think we are better than others. A toxic beauty for which we don’t care the price we pay in a world where real health is not valued. Enormous fake PRIDE, the arrogance caused by ignorance. Who wants to be healthy if one can seem beautiful even if being stupid? Who does not want to seem better than others?

Does anyone dare to live without a mask?

Author: Eva Caballé, No Fun Blog, September 2010

Photos: Aida / Deliro

German Translation: Ohne Maske

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Scientifically guided MCS-housing project is in the making

In 2013 in Zurich, Switzerland, a new housing project for people with MCS will be complete. Environmental illness is widespread in Switzerland, with statistics from authorities estimating approximately 5000 affected people. The city of Zurich will help with the real estate and construction law of the housing project for the chemically injured. “The project, costing about 5.8 million francs will be remembered as a pioneering project for healthy living in Zurich’s history,” said city council member Marin Vollenwyder at a press conference today in Zurich. The city has set the goal for itself… “HOUSING FOR ALL,” which means the city also supports this chemically injured population which has a difficult time finding appropriate housing.

Hope is finally within reach

Christian Schifferle, the founder of this Healthy Living Project for those with MCS, and president of the self help support group, MCS League Switzerland, has waited many years for this project. Two years ago he founded this cooperative, and since then it has progressed in leaps and bounds. Today Christian Schifferle said in an e-mail:

“I just came from the media conference discussing the MCS apartment project in Zurich, and I’m still overwhelmed and barely managed to give my speech. The Neue Zürcher newspaper has published an article, and today or tomorrow a report will be on Tele Top. I will report the new details in my next email. Currently I am sleeping in my car but am promised a transitional solution for my accommodations.”

Architect commitment

There was more good news this week from Switzerland. Schifferle added that the Healthy Living MCS housing project will be strengthened by Marianne Dutli Derron, an architect who has worked as a consultant at Zurich SVW, which is the umbrella organization for over 200 housing associations in Zurich. Her office is directly next to the MCS housing association. Ms. Dutli Derron has been elected as the executive manager of this housing project, and will work with Dr. Roman Lietha and Christian Schifferle. At the next general meeting, Ms. Dutli Derron will be asked to be a board member and co-president. She brings eight years of experience as president of another Zurich housing project. A few weeks ago Schifferle asked the architect to join the MCS project and of course, is very pleased to have this commitment.

Professional support

The issue of MCS living is not new for Ms. Dutli Derron. She was one of the jury members for the MCS architectural competition on this project, and understands what is required to make this housing project a success. Christian Schifferle has offered his professional support which is crucial since he has suffered since childhood from severe MCS and knows much about the details needed for those with this environmental compromise. He has invested his energies for years in seeing this project become a reality. Difficult decisions over the coming months will be made during the construction phase. Support and expertise will be needed for the success of this healthy living project. Schifferle is anxious to relate the needs of the chemically injured population, and is thrilled to have Ms. Dutli Derron as a project expert on the board.

Healthy living has a big future

The city of Zurich while providing this housing project for those with MCS is taking on a pioneering project. It is the first residential project emerging for the chemically injured in Europe. In September 2009, the financial department of the city approved a loan of 150,000 francs for the implementation of a study for the residential building with ten apartments for MCS sufferers. The MCS house is designed from the ground up biologically and scientists offer their support on the residential project.

Technical and old workmanship combined

As the Zurich newspaper explains, the focus of this particular building is one of careful choices of safe building materials and expert workmanship. This structure will even be fitted with special locks so that the inhabitants can clean off chemical substances as they enter. This pioneering project will be challenging to build because of the use of old craft techniques, some of which have been forgotten, combined with modern safe materials.

Glass fiber rods will be used, which, until now, were never tried in structural engineering. The material conducts either heat or electricity. The MCS building will also try an external wall construction of insulating bricks with a variety of biologically active inner skin with clay and lime plaster. Perhaps this project will have unusual looking materials and processing techniques which are different from normal residential projects, but it is hoped that the architectural firm which has received the contract for this innovative project will emerge with a successful outcome on all levels. In addition the firm desires to give innovative input to traditional residential projects as well.

For Christian Schifferle (video), he must sleep for two more years, through long cold nights in the car or on the cot in the forest. After the enormous efforts that he has devoted to this project, he will hopefully have a home in which he and other MCS sufferers can live without symptoms, and thus experience real healthy living. As a next step, with Schifferle’s leadership, Germany will begin safe housing projects for healthy living as well. Perhaps eventually these projects will be prototypes for healthy living buildings for MCS sufferers around the globe.

Author: Silvia K. Müller, CSN – Chemical Sensitivity Network, Sept. 10, 2010

Translation: Thank you very much to Christi Howarth

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