And in this decaying world, the worst is to be spineless and to have no personality. It is a world full of people who complain and who live grey and empty existences. People who do not have the courage to resist, to have their own thoughts and get dragged by the crowd. It is hard to live in this herd if you are not like them, if you know what you think, if you are not scared to say what you think, and if you do not care about not being accepted by others. Then you don’t fit in, you are different, you are radical.

But an ill person cannot be like that. You have to be well-behaved, let yourself be brain-washed and follow the established road wearing a mask without thinking. If you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, an illness that is not recognized, you fight to survive. But don’t make too much noise and just follow others. Don’t think, don’t do. You are sick. Behave as such. You have to be obedient and ask for permission so that you will not be thrown out of the herd, a herd for which others kill themselves to be a part of.

And in the ignorance that surrounds us, the seven capital sins are more relevant than ever, in these times when there seems to be a theory for just about everything. In these times of the decaying Welfare State.

With the senses numbed, SEX becomes another frustration in an empty life in which to drag him or herself day after day without stopping to think.

It is a life with the frustration that becomes an unsatisfied HUNGER. Eat until you burst. That anxiety which impedes one from reacting and keeps one squashed under a mountain of human feed. The perverted pleasure in an overfed society.

An emptiness that invades us and a growing hate which turns into anger against all that does not suit us under childish and ridiculous excuses. INTOLERANCE becomes violence against those who are not like us, perhaps because those who think scare us.

Without being conscious of our lives, the days go by while we look at our pockets to see if we are better than others. We COMPETE in a silly race to show our success. We pretend we are happy. Inside, we are empty.

Life is a parenthesis of fear and of superficial comfort waiting for things to change WITHOUT MAKING AN EFFORT, sucked in by a system that wants us not to think.

We are dragged by laziness. We hate those who we think are better than us. They remind us of our not wanting to make an effort. We waste our lives wishing that they would stumble while we CRITIZICE their successes and, without knowing it, we wish they were as mediocre as us.

A cheap plastic beauty poisons us, one that makes us feel better for a moment in which we think we are better than others. A toxic beauty for which we don’t care the price we pay in a world where real health is not valued. Enormous fake PRIDE, the arrogance caused by ignorance. Who wants to be healthy if one can seem beautiful even if being stupid? Who does not want to seem better than others?

Does anyone dare to live without a mask?

Author: Eva Caballé, No Fun Blog, September 2010

Photos: Aida / Deliro

German Translation: Ohne Maske

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