A book about chemical sensitivity will become a radio series in the near future

When the book, “Missing. A Life Destroyed by Chemical Sensitivity” came into bookstores, the sales were surprisingly high. The author of this book, Eva Caballé is chemically sensitive and can exist only within the walls of her safe apartment. Several air filtering machines run day and night. She can tolerate only a few foods, and her water must be specially filtered. Visitors are not allowed into her apartment because the fragrance and detergent residues could cause her to experience a severe reaction. Despite the severity of her disease, this Spanish woman insists on enlightening the public about this condition. Her blog, NO FUN, became her mouthpiece and is read daily by thousands.

Through interviews which Eva’s husband David gave on TV, radio, and to newspapers, Eva’s story was known before her published book was on the shelves. Now her book will be made for a radio series.

Last month, David gave interviews for a radio program called “Vital Space” which discusses chronic illnesses. The program producers were enthusiastic about Eva’s book and want to make the public more aware of chemical sensitivity. Details regarding MCS are not yet well know in Spain.

The response was enormous, which led to the idea of the MCS book as a radio series.

Eva and her husband David agreed, and wrote an editorial for this series. Two professional actors, whose voices are very similar to Eva and David have been hired. A moderator has also been hired to coordinate the recordings. The whole book has been set to music and accompanied by background music. Next fall the series will begin. For each chapter there will be ten minutes of airtime available. Over a period of 21 weeks radio listeners will experience the naked truth about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Author: Silvia K. Müller, CSN – Chemical Sensitivity Network, July 26, 2010.

Translation: Many thanks to Christi Howarth!


Articles written by Eva Caballé:

3 Responses to “A book about chemical sensitivity will become a radio series in the near future”

  1. Monique van den Broek 26. July 2010 um 21:42

    I am so proud of Eva, all the work she does to get MCS in the open. People like her and Silvia Mueller are crucial in a worldchange vision to health.
    But also Div Boyes from New Zealand, Harry Clark from Australia, Heidi from Switzerland and so many frontrunners in so many countries……I am so proud of them….
    The battle will go on, and I am sure that slowly we will turn the tables. The space of the chemical industry will reduce. Till its known as “a big mistake in human history”

  2. Julie 26. July 2010 um 22:10

    Wow! Congratulations Eva, how exciting!! Thanks for sharing this with us all Sylvia! xx Julie

  3. Eva 9. October 2010 um 13:55

    Thanks a lot Monique and Julie! And of course, thanks Silvia for all your support and Christi for the translation!

    First of all I want to apology for the delay, but this summer we have finally moved to a new home outside of Barcelona and I’m really behind on everything.

    Last week the first chapter of my book was aired with and interview with David, my husband, and I will post each of the 21 chapters in my blog, in case any of you understand Spanish.

    Dear Monique, I’m also proud of all the amazing people who is fighting all around the world the win MCS awareness and to make our world a best place for all of us.

    Dear Julie, thanks for publishing this post in the Planet Thrive too!



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