Film about Chemical Sensitivity: THE BIRDS OF THE MINE – LOS PAJAROS DE LA MINA

On November 2009 I was interviewed on Carne Cruda, Spanish radio program, to talk about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and one of the listeners of the program, the videographer Víctor Moreno, was so impressed that he quickly contacted me to say that he wanted to make a short film about MCS to help us to raise awareness of this terrible disease and he asked my opinion and if I wanted to collaborate with them. Obviously I told him that they could count on me for what they wanted.

On March they began filming “The birds of the mine”, the first short film about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Spain, and now we can finally present the trailer and announce that its debut will be next December. When this project began, I had the honor of reading the script, because they wanted my opinion, and then I saw some scenes of the shoot and I can assure you that is very, very impressive, as you can deduce from the trailer.

Autor: Eva Caballé, No Fun, Oct. 25, 2010

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