First meeting of the working group to create a Consensus Document about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Spain

April 21th 2010 will be held the first meeting of the working group to create a document of consensus on the Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in Spain

As you probably know, on February 4th 2010 was held the meeting between represent-atives of Ministry of Health and associations that deal with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity to state the situation of MCS in Spain. In that meeting the representatives of Ministry of Health committed to contact MCS associations to jointly agree on experts to form a Scientific Committee to create a document of consensus on the MCS. They stated that this would the first step to make possible the inclusion of the MCS in ICD-10, i.e. its official recognition as disease in Spain.

During last months, the associations have been working on the list of doctors that would be part of the working group. This list was submitted to the Ministry of Health few weeks ago.

The Ministry of Health has already set a date to hold this meeting: April 21th 2010 and it’s scheduled to last 4 hours. 11 (*) doctors nominated by the associations and 16 people from the Ministry of Health, between doctors and consultants, will attend to this meeting.

I want to thank all MCS associations for their work choosing the doctors and I also want to congratulate them for set up the “Comité para el Reconocimiento del Síndrome de Sensibilidad Química Múltiple” (committee for the recognition of MCS in Spain) for this process. And I specially want to thank all doctors who are going to be part of the MCS working group for their commitment, which has already been more than enough shown during years of work supporting people with MCS. I want to give them all our support in this process that has just now started, because all MCS sufferers and relatives have our hopes pinned on it.

Translation: Eva Caballé, No Fun, April 2010

(*) Update April 13th: finally will attend to the meeting 11 doctors nominated by Associations, because the Ministry of Health has agreed to include 2 doctors who have been previously dismissed.

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