Official start of construction for MCS residential project is in sight

Contaminant-free living area designed for the environmentally ill

Europe’s one-of-a-kind housing project is designed for Switzerland. The planned start for construction is spring 2012 and the project is estimated at costing 5.8 million Swiss francs. The small to medium sized ecologically built apartments meet the strict health requirements of chemically sensitive people. The Swiss housing cooperative “Healthy Living MCS” was founded three years ago and since then has been working toward the realization of an MCS housing project. The city of Zurich agreed and sees enormous potential in the MCS residential project. The knowledge won through this project can be very useful for future ecologically built residential projects in the city.

Construction begins in spring

The news came at exactly the right time. Christian Schifferle (video) sent an email from Switzerland just in time for Christmas stating the following:

“There’s good news: A few days ago, we finally received the building permit from the city of Zurich for our Zurich MCS-housing project. All our planning in the last two years is on track. In January, the City of Zurich will begin with the development work (access, water, electricity) and April /May is the official start of construction.”

Contaminant-free housing

In Switzerland, there were, as in Germany and Italy, already cases of suicide, because the appropriate living space for chemically sensitive people has not been available. When no one offers help, the despair and helplessness is tremendous if the apartments are uninhabitable due to a hypersensitivity to pollutants and nothing adequate is available. Christian Schifferle, the initiator of the housing project knows about the catastrophic housing situation through his consulting work and from his own personal experience. He spent years searching for a suitable, pollutant-free apartment and camped in a caravan in the country. Often he had to sleep in the forest, regardless of weather or temperature. A long time ordeal finally comes to an end for him and other environmentally ill. But Christian Schifferle is already thinking ahead and would like to develop pollution-free housing projects for the environmentally ill all across Europe in cooperation with the MCS housing cooperative.

Author: Silvia K.Müller, CSN – Chemical Sensitivity Network, 02.01.2011

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8 Responses to “Official start of construction for MCS residential project is in sight”

  1. Galaxie 3. January 2012 um 00:01


    es wird ja auch schön längst Zeit. Schade das immer solange gewartet werden muß. Hier muß soetwas auch verwirklicht werden. Ich war auch mal bei Wohnprojekt-Gründungen beteiligt….


  2. Cheryl Wisecup 3. January 2012 um 01:33

    This is great news!! One of the initiatives of the Global Indoor Health Network is to build safe housing, so we are always interested in other efforts in this regard. To learn more about the Global Indoor Health Network, go to

  3. Susi LIppuner 3. January 2012 um 03:00

    I am an “Ausland Schweizer” who has had severe chemical sensitivities. I am delighted to see the progress here and hope to visit sometime in the next year or two when I travel home to Switzerland for the first time in 16 years. Congratulations on being so progressive!

  4. Beverley Spencer 3. January 2012 um 04:59

    I’m so glad we have a scientist here in Australia that is curing my MCS. This sort of building would never get built here. MCS is not recognized as real here.

  5. Harry 3. January 2012 um 08:59

    Hi Silvia,
    thank you for this article on the Zurich project. it is fabulous. and thank you for all the work you have done for MCS and for this site. Happy New Year.
    Harry Clark
    MCS Society of Australia

  6. caradonio giovanni 3. January 2012 um 22:46

    multiple chemical sensitivity crime commited against the humanity.

  7. Elizabeth O'Nan 5. January 2012 um 02:12

    Thank you and congratulations and could you come to the USA as soon as possible. I have had two desperate suicidal calls for safe housing in the last week. There seems to be no answer especially for those who are impoverished by their chemical injuries and disabilities. It has been impossible to obtain environmental justice for the American people who have been disabled by our governments failure to regulate chemicals and the preference for the 1% profits over the 99%s health.
    Please keep up the good work. Perhaps it will spread.

  8. Silvia 5. January 2012 um 16:09

    Thank you for your comment Elizabeth.
    Hopefully safe housing for the chemically injured will be build worldwide.

    Best wishes from Germany,

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