Medicine needs Shift in Paradigm to focus on Environmental Medicine

Newspaper reports of chemically sensitive man

It took eight years until a doctor was able to make a correct diagnosis

The German newspaper Rheinische Post, one of the most noted papers in the Lower Rhine region, published an article about a man who hopped from doctor to doctor for eight years, until he finally got the right diagnosis. He responded to nearly all chemicals, even in lowest concentrations, which are almost omnipresent in everyday life. This was dismissed as mental problem for years. Then at last, the man from Rhineland received the proper diagnosis from a South-German physician: MCS – Chemical Sensitivity. If there was more focus on environmental medicine, cases like this current from the Rheinische Post, were avoidable.

Although he had physical troubles, he was told his problem was psychological

Ralf T. did a lot of sports until he developed more and more allergies. In addition to allergies, he experienced an increasing number of troubles, but no doctor could make a correct diagnosis and find the reason. The Rheinische Post lists the symptoms: “breathing problems, chronic fatigue, burn out, nausea, headache and many more”.

Cause of the disease: toxic adhesive

The graduate in sport science was a trainer in a fitness studio. An adhesive which was used to glue the flooring in his apartment ruined his health. It caused gas emissions of toxic chemicals which according to the Rheinische Post injured his immune system.

No help from the German obligatory health insurance

Now Ralf T. has to live in isolation and manage without money too. He would like to arrange his living environment to be toxic free to improve his health. But the attitude of the health insurance prevents such efforts. The Rheinische Post reports that the 52 year old wasn’t granted even basic things like a special bed. The insurance just hides behind regulations. There are no considerations what is indispensable to life for this man with environmental illness. He lacks any strength to resist.

Author: Silvia K. Müller, CSN – Chemical Sensitivity Network, January 4, 9010

Translation: BrunO

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