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MCS - Multiple Chemical Sensitivity / Photo © Loli Vicente

Photos requested for Collage about living with MCS

A few days ago, Lola Vicente, a Spanish woman with MCS, shared an inspiring photo on Facebook. When I saw her picture I had the idea to make a collage with pictures of people with MCS to post it on NO FUN, because lately my blog is having a lot of visits (more than 3.000 the day that I was interviewed at national radio RNE or the day that MCS was featured on popular TV show in Spain) and many of the readers aren’t people with MCS. I thought that it would be a great moment to show to the society that there are a lot of people living with MCS and nobody will manage to silence us. I proposed this idea on Facebook and it was well received.

I have named the project “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity uncovered”. NO FUN, my window to the outside world, opens to people with MCS from all around the world so we can show that there are a lot of people living with MCS.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that, as some of you know, I have recently closed my personal Facebook account so that I can focus on my health. You can still stay in touch with me through my blog NO FUN and my 2 Facebook pages: for my blog and for my book.

If you suffer MCS and you want to join this project, you can send your photo (with your country and your name or pseudonym), before September 30th to this email account (this account has been created exclusively for receiving the pictures and it will be closed once the project ends). The photos can be you with a mask or without a mask but where MCS can be identified. More than photographic quality, I’m looking for the visual impact of all the pictures together.

I hope you like the project and you join it!

NOTE: I’m open to share the collage with any other blog or website from all around the world that wants to post it.

Eva Caballé, No Fun Blog, June, 9, 2010

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