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The Spanish Professional Association of Naturopathy has given an honorary title to Eva Caballé for her work, courage, and dedication to face Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

Because of my Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, I’ve been forced to live in isolation. My contact with the outside world has become exclusively virtual and time goes by in a different way. Five years sick, three years since I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, two years and a half since No Fun was born, one […]


Eva Caballé is the author of the recently published book in Spanish Desaparecida. Una vida rota por la sensibilidad química múltiple (Missing. A life broken by Multiple Chemical Sensitivities) published by El Viejo Topo, Barcelona, Spain, 2009. Interview by Salvador López Arnal, November 2009 : “Yes, there is something hidden in this silence. It is the […]

No fear of fear

We have nothing left to fear anymore Fear is a very useful coercive intimidating tool to silence and control people. A silent threat subtly reminds you that you can lose what you have. Do not complain, do not make any noise, because this might make your life even worse and turn it into a nightmare. […]

Environmental Diseases: To understand or ignore

This is Eva’s contribution about the cinema published in the magazine Delirio that she has translated into English. The script about toxics and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is entitled “Rear Window” and it’s a tribute to the great filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. The photos, as usual, are made by David Palma. Eva recommends this number of the […]

New trailer for upcoming film about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is shown at MCS conference in Spain

Two weeks ago I introduced you the first trailer for the upcoming short film Los pájaros de la mina (The Birds in a mine), the first film made in Spain about Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, which was very well received between MCS sufferers from all around the world. Today I want to share with you the […]